2 Ways to Find Time for Yourself Each Morning

The early bird gets time for herself.

The early bird gets time for herself.

No time for yourself in the morning? Try these simple ways to find extra time at the start of each day.

1. Begin your morning the night before.

Anything that can be done beforehand, do it. Set out clothes and items the night before. This way you will discover the shirt that needs ironing, the missing shoe that requires a search party, your favourite skirt that you thought was clean yet sits in the laundry, or your child’s consent forms for a school trip that have been crumpled in the bottom of their back pack and need to be handed in today.

Prepare lunches and refrigerate.

Prepare fruit for the morning’s breakfast, premix the granola or any other food items to make a healthy breakfast more convenient.

Gas the vehicle, fill the bike tire, pack the back packs, set out change for the bus or train.
All these can be done in advance and require little time. Get everyone involved. If something does come up, you have the time to deal with it in the evening rather than rushing around the next morning.

2. Go to bed earlier and get up earlier.  A good night’s sleep is critical for physical, mental and emotional well being and functioning. Do not skimp on the sleep.

Do, however, skip the channel-surfing, social media-surfing, and pantry-surfing, opting instead for a nourishing nighttime routine like a warm bath, walk, or calming meditation and bed.

Waking 30 minutes earlier to set your day with a simple intention, meditation and movement will be well worth the groggy first few days. Or wake an hour earlier to write that novel you’ve always wanted to, or finish a painting or sketch, or take steps towards your dream business. Head to bed a little earlier to accommodate the shift in schedule.

Once you get used to the new routine, you will be jumping out of bed to greet the day and create it your way!

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