5 Ways to Create Sacred Writing Space

Setting Sacred Space

Setting Sacred Space

Although it’s not always easy to love revisions or edits, you can love your writing space. By creating a personal, inviting environment, you can happily belly-up to your desk each day. Here are 5 simple ways you can create your own sacred writing space.

1. Light a candle – choose an inspiring scent, design, colour or shape. Light it at the beginning of your session and blow it out afterwards to signify you are complete with the conclusion of that session -happy to leave it behind and continue your day -returning to your project at its designated time the following day.

2. Set the mood with music – choose tunes that are motivating, if that’s what you need, or relaxing to calm any anxiety. Ensure the music doesn’t interfere with the writing by being too loud or distracting. If you’d rather write to the sounds of nature, open a window to hear the birds and enjoy the breeze, or put on a recording of the ocean or a tropical jungle.

3. Create an altar – allow your creative juices to flow as you carve out a small space in honour of your writing, your project, and yourself for showing up to commit and complete the process. You can start with a corner of your desk, a place on the floor or window sill or a dedicated table. Choose a scarf or table cover that inspires you and then add items like rocks, plants, gems, your grandmother’s brooch or grandfather’s cufflinks, a book by your favourite author, perhaps a special pen or feathers. Personalize it, it can be as simple or ornate as you like. Choosing a beautiful small bowl or wooden box and simply writing the name of your project on paper and placing it inside, makes a powerful tribute to your commitment.

4. Scent the air – aromatherapy can help you relax if you are tense while writing or stimulate and invigorate you if motivation is what you desire. Choose essential oils of lavender or rose to relax, or mint or lemongrass to invigorate. Mist your space with a room spray, diffuse the oils into the air, or roll on aromatherapy on your wrists or neck for bursts of scent. If you become frustrated, your body temperature will rise and release more of the scent you need. If you want to tap into cosmic creativity, choose mugwort for mystic musings.

5. Put the kettle on-  to relax, try chamomile or tulsi tea. To invigorate enjoy mint or citrus teas. Choose your favourite, or try a glass of water with fresh lemon or flower essences. Keep the kettle in the kitchen as the walk to refill allows a pause in the writing, a movement break and a renewed burst of creative flow.

Create a space that inspires creativity, facilitates focus, encourages productivity and welcomes you every day.


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