Good Morning, Good Day.


A good morning routine sets the stage for a good day.

Do you start the day falling out of bed, rushing to get yourself and your family out of the house? Breakfast over the kitchen sink, in the car, or no breakfast at all? Cursing other motorists as you try to get in to work or school drop off on time?

A peaceful day begins with a peaceful routine. Carve out 20 morning minutes to include these 5 practices and set the tone for a good day every day.

1. Waking

Follow Pema Chodron’s wise words of advice, “Someone once said to me the best form of spiritual instruction is when you wake up in the morning and you say “I wonder what’s going to happen today”, and then carry that kind of curiosity through your life.”

Recall any lingering dreams and make note of  interesting details. Rub the palms of your hands together quickly many times and then sweep them over your face, head, down the upper body, arms and brushing down the legs, sweeping the body.

2. Meditation

Sit up in bed or move to a spot by a window or in a preferred quiet location for 10 minutes of meditation. With a straight spine and relaxed body, focus on each breath as it enters your nose then lungs, energizing your cells and body, then exhaling any tension or tightness. If inclined, enjoy your meditation outdoors, greeting the day. There’s a quality in the early morning that can’t be adequately described – a fullness, a peacefulness, a sweetness just before the sun makes his appearance.  

3. Mindful intention/mantra

Once in touch with the rhythm of your breath, try a mantra: inhale and feel ‘so’, exhale and feel ‘hum’. Or inhale ‘good’ and exhale ‘day’. Or ‘thank’, ‘you’. Have fun with it and get in touch with how you want to set your day. Keep it simple. Then set your intention for the day. What do you wish to feel?  Today, I enjoy ease. Today, I celebrate. Today, I accept everyone and everything exactly as they are. Today, is a good day. It’s up to you how you create each day.

4. Movement

Introduce movement to awaken the body. 10 slow and steady sun salutations open up the channels and connect body to breath as you check in with your body each day. Notice any tight areas and breathe into them as they gently release. Feel gratitude for your beautiful physical container. Or move through a simple Spring Forest Qigong™ series, cupping and tapping on various points of the body to open the channels and invigorate you.

5. Music

While dressing, preparing breakfast, or packing lunches enjoy your favourite music to set the tone for your day. Sing, hum, whistle, chant, dance in the kitchen – allow the vibrations to resonate through your body and into your day.

Start each day in a peaceful way. Give yourself enough time, otherwise the ‘peaceful’ routine itself will become a source of frustration. Create each day. Approach it with the curiosity of a child and enjoy all the beauty that ensues.

Good morning!

If you struggle to find time for yourself in the morning, try these simple ways to create time for you each day.

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