Restoring balance naturally: Stephanie Hrehirchuk

atONE’s Vision: Each individual restoring balance naturally in their health, the health of their family, community and nature. Making a big impact in the lives of people so we can make the smallest impact to the planet.

atONE’s Mission: To create and deliver programs and services that work towards restoring balance naturally to individuals, communities, and nature. atONE builds giving-back into the business, to assist in restoring balance through supporting social and environmental programs.

Restoring balance naturally to:

Individuals ~ through programs, classes, articles, and retreats that promote simple and sustainable practices of health and wellbeing such as nutrition, exercise, meditation, nature, journaling, community, breathing exercises and self-care.

Community ~ 10% of proceeds are donated to ‘NSTEP Calgary, whose mission is …     “To educate and motivate people to EAT better, WALK more, LIVE longer.”

Nature ~ Every program attendee receives a code to plant a tree in the atONE virtual forest while the Carbon Farmer plants a tree in their real Alberta forest.


Maui Yoga

Maui Yoga

Stephanie Hrehirchuk is a writer, certified raw nutritionist, level 4 Spring Forest Qigong™ practitioner, master level reiki practitioner, with additional training in Tibetan breath and movement yoga, ayurveda, herbology, and sustainability. She has a 15 year background in personal training and nutrition & wellness. Stephanie writes about complementary alternative medicine, personal-growth, nutrition and spirituality. Her articles are published at GaiamTV.


“Good-humored patience is necessary with mischievous children and your own mind.”
~Jack Kornfield

There is a growing mountain of research on the benefits of meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, and mindfulness. From enhanced immune function to improved relationship satisfaction to inspired creativity and resilience to stress.

Science is now beginning to understand and measure the changes in the brain tissue and plasticity related to areas of the mind that deal with compassion, empathy, regulation of breathing and digestion.

It would appear as though training our compassion muscle, our immune muscle, our empathy muscle is not much different than training any other muscle: you need to learn how and to practice regularly.

I work with clients privately and in group settings to facilitate trainings in meditation, mindfulness, health, nutrition, yoga, creativity, complementary alternative medicine, and personal and spiritual growth.

I am grateful to have studied with many inspiring teachers: Dr. Jean Houston, Lama Tsultrim Allione, Chumba Lama, Dr. Vasant Lad, Master Chunyi Lin, David Wolfe, Jeffrey Sachs, and many others. I am happy for the opportunity to share these teachings, and their impact on my life, with you.

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“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”