All I want for Christmas.

December is a magical month. The completion and celebration of one year and the clean new slate of another. Pure potential and possibility await.

You’ve written your gratitude lists: daily, weekly, yearly, every full moon perhaps? Now write your wish list.

What are you waiting for? What are you hoping for? What are you working for?

It’s your turn to make a list for Santa. You’ve been good, right? Of course you have, and it’s time you asked for what you really want.

With the wide-eyed, open heart of a child, compile your list. With no consideration to the logistics or reasoning of the items, freely let them flow onto the page.

Write like a child, the biggest desires you have, with complete certainty that Santa delivers.

Let your imagination run wild and your heart open to the experience.

Provide the details. Santa needs descriptions or even pictures. If you’re asking the big red guy for better health, what does that look like for you? He needs specifics.

If you’re asking for a better job or creative outlet, how many hours a day do you work at it? How much will it pay you? What exactly do you do at this job or art? How do you feel when you are doing it?

Do you want more time in your day? How much more and how will you spend it?

Go big. This is Santa we’re talking about. Remember, you’re a kid again and there are a lot of dreams and ideas you have for your list.

Get to work.


Dear Santa,

I have been an excellent girl this year. I fed my family veggies at most meals and remembered to feed the cat every day. Here is my Christmas list:

  1. A beautiful organic garden, filled with my favourite herbs and plants: lemon balm, rosemary, lavender, roses, sweet peas, lilacs, mugwort, sage, fruit and vegetables. Planted in a labyrinth design. With a bench at the centre.
  2. A publishing contract and while you’re at it, I’d also like a movie deal. Rachel Weisz should play me.
  3. A trip to Hawaii with the family. 14 days would be perfect.
  4. More laughter in the world. More smiles on people’s faces and in their hearts.
  5. I’d like to be surrounded by exquisite company all year, collaborating with interesting people: laughing, creating, making a difference in the world.
p.s. An extra hour in my day for yoga would be greatly appreciated.  My writing seems to have bumped it.  
Namasté, Stephanie.
Write 2 lists. One for you and one for family, friends, and the planet. Write wishes of health, healing, love, compassion, abundance, joy and laughter for others. Again, get as specific as you can. Put on music, light a candle, pick some special paper and a coloured pen or crayon, make tea or eggnog and savour the experience, a Christmas ritual. No limits, the world is yours, just ask for it.
Have fun.  You decide what to do with your letters to Santa.
  • Mail them.
  • Tack them to your fridge or vision board.
  • Exchange them with close friends or family.
  • Put them in your pillow case.
  • Offer them up in a fire ceremony.
  • Bury them in the backyard, or a snowbank.

Or save them someplace special for review at the end of next year, when you write your next letter to Santa.

Happy wish writing!
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