Angry skies


Most of us have been on both the giving and receiving ends of anger.

Angry words spoken by others, to others and to ourselves.

This anger has an impact.

We understand that repetitive thoughts and beliefs can both create and alleviate conditions in the body, depending on the thought.

Psychosomatic disorders result from a strong belief that we are actually ill. And then we become what we believe.  Likewise many illnesses have been overcome through just as strong a belief in healing.

Anger conjures up many vivid associations; heat, fire, turmoil, storm, explosion.

Anger can be very much like a storm, slowly building, gathering momentum, blowing stronger with sharp sudden flashes of lightening strikes and booming thunder, until it passes and calm returns.

It can also appear quite suddenly, as conditions provoke, and catch everyone unaware, wreaking havoc, tossing things about and leaving a trail of destruction in its wake, to be cleaned up by those affected most and a few compassionate bystanders.

Anger, when turned on oneself, plants destructive seeds within the body.  The thoughts first gather and gain sufficient force for the emotion to spring forth.  Deeply-seated, this emotion attacks the wellbeing of the physical body and the self, wearing them down.

Anger against another is rarely really against the other but rather a reflection of something hidden within ourselves that we are denying, fear or are ashamed of because of what someone else once told us and we believed.  Once we realize it is not about the other and understand it is in our power to address this response and its true root, most often the anger dissipates as it no longer has a basis or a target.

“Holding onto anger is like grasping onto a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else. You are the one who gets burned.” ~ Siddharta Buddha

Anger appears to have a frequency.  Have you ever felt the anger of a person before they spoke or acted out?  There is an energy, a sensory quality.  You can feel their emotional state.  Likewise with your own anger, you feel it coming on, a heat in the body, bubbling up and boiling over, creating an increase in heart rate, shallower breathing, red face, raised blood pressure, clenched jaw and fists.  A physiological response to an implanted seed thought that has blossomed into a full blown emotional state.

If anger has the ability and sufficient energy to create a state of dis-ease in the body, when turned upon another, often and forceful enough, we essentially inflict dis-ease on those targeted.

“Raise your words, not voice.  It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” ~ Rumi

An angry mob carries quite a wave of energy and the potential for increased momentum and disastrous effects with it. Quite possibly a synergy where the effect of the whole is far greater than the sum of its individual parts.  One angry person creates turmoil where many angry people together create destruction.

With seven billion people on the planet, many of whom are holding and stoking intense anger, this is a substantial force, a tidal wave of harsh, dense, turbulent energy colliding around the planet.

In every case, anger effects the one who generates it.  Wether turned inward, projected onto another or as part of a collective force, the impact is rarely avoided by the source as the seed is rooted in them and only they can dislodge it, unwrap the tangled roots from their minds and choose to no longer cultivate such thoughts.

Herein lies the power to calm the storm and ease the waters as each person chooses to let go of angry thoughts and the subsequent reactions.  Strive diligently to release these seed thoughts from your own mind and worry not about anyone else’s progress but your own.

Control the things you can, which are those things that lie within.  Anything external cannot be controlled by you.  Master your own presence, your own thoughts, actions, emotions and response.  Master your own well-being and this newly cultivated state of ease will ripple outwards.  You will feel ease in your own life and those who share this life with you will, in turn, share this ease.  Then they too will find angry thoughts diminishing, as these seeds can no longer take root.

It is in this way that change becomes simple yet powerful.  You are responsible for your own state.  Each individual mastering their own anger clears stormy clouds and creates bright, open skies for themselves, their families, communities and the global family.

Clearing anger.

There are many methods available for mastering anger.  Choose one, or more, most suited to you.

Traditional practices like yoga, mantra, meditation, breathing, tai chi, qi gong, kriya, herbs, ayurveda, aromatherapy and still more kriya.

Also nature walks, counselling, group support, more herbs, singing, dancing, art, exercise, affirmations, dietjournalling and gardening.

One of the keys to releasing and relieving the effects of anger lies in forgiveness.  Forgive yourself for the storms you have caused and forgive those who have caused storms in your life.
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