Ask Bigger Questions

Feel Part of a Bigger Purpose

Feel Part of a Bigger Purpose

I previously wrote a piece entitled Ask Better Questions to help people shift from why me to what can I do. Although empowering, over time my questions began to feel small. It was still all about me, and though that’s been the focus of my practice and work, it seemed to keep me stuck in a small world of me.

I’ve eaten well, I’ve done my yoga and meditation, I’ve honed my daily practices and allowed creativity to blossom in my life, yet I still feel pulled by a greater purpose, a need for deeply satisfying fulfillment. I sat on my front step in contemplation and it hit me: What if the questions stopped being about me?

I thought of Einstein and how I doubt he asked: How can I get along better with the other scientists? How can I make money at what I do? How can I stop stressing about my health?

I saw him asking questions with the wide-eyed curiosity of a child and the stubborn drive of a determined explorer. Questions like: How does energy work and what is humanity’s relationship to it? What is light? What makes up the empty space? How can creative thought be fostered and expanded? What is the connection between space and time? Does the observer impact the observed?

Of course not knowing Einstein, I can’t say what his questions were but I assume they were bigger than him.

I started my composition of bigger questions. It took a few tries as they still seemed to involve me. How can I help people heal? Seemed bigger but felt like small in disguise. I tried again.

What can humanity do to help the earth thrive?

What can humanity do to help humanity thrive?

What is the relationship of our thoughts to our physical and emotional health?

How can we restore our oceans to pristine conditions?

How can all people have access to clean water? Great schools? Art? Nutritious food? Satisfying work? Health resources?

How can all villages, cities, and communities become vibrant places to work, live, grow, learn, and thrive?

What is the relationship between humanity and nature?

For ourselves we continue to ask how we can thrive. For humanity we need to begin to ask how the planet can thrive and us along with it.

Einstein made quantum leaps with his questions. It’s time for new quantum leaps, to ask the great questions of our time.

To discover greater fulfillment, reconnect to a bigger purpose, pull ourselves from our own bubble, connect to our community, global family and planet, and stir the cosmic pot of creativity, we must start asking bigger questions.

What kind of questions do you think these bright minds asked when they came up with their New York innovation?


I apologize for the image quality but wanted to share the photo of the banner that hung above the stage at my kids’ elementary school during their performance honouring Earth Day. Their question that day: What changes are each of you willing to make to support the earth?


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