Goddess Foot-Butter


This divine DIY anoints your gorgeous goddess feet while healing your crocodile cracked heels at the same time.

It’s indulgent and you’re worth it.

If, however, you need a more frugal version… replace the oil and essential oils with more economical choices, such as olive oil and citrus essential oil.


In a double boiler set-up, add 1 1/4 cups of shea or cocoa butter. I used illipe for this batch.

Melt butter and remove from heat.

Add 3/4 cup rosehip seed oil.

Add a splash of vitamin E oil.

Place in the freezer (or in the snow) just until a solid ring begins to form around the edge of tThe deep colour is from the rose hip seed oil.he liquid.

Add 50 drops of essential oil of rosewood.

Add 25 (or more) drops of essential oil of bulgarian rose.

Blend with electric mixer on low until whipped and fluffy. Don’t over-whip or it will be too hard to spoon into containers.

Spoon into wide-mouthed jars, tapping on the counter to remove air pockets and settle the butter.

Top with rose petal or leave au natural.

Anoint those tender tootsies with this richly hydrating and nurturing butter.

The deep colour is from the rose hip seed oil. Gorgeous!

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