Healing Arts

Restoring balance, naturally.

Restoring balance, naturally.

Life force energy: ki in Japanese, qi or chi in Chinese, ha or mana in Hawaiian, and prana in Sanskrit. This is the energy that flows through all living things. Supporting the clear, open flow of this energy allows optimal well-being, vitality, connection, and balance. Regular energy sessions or practices within the healing arts promotes the flow of life force energy, restoring balance in the body naturally.

Restoring balance naturally

Total relaxation


In an energy balancing session, the body’s energy channels are cleared so information may move more freely throughout the body, allowing healthy communication between all systems and encouraging the body’s return to a natural state of balance and wholeness.

Energy sessions are used to release blockages related to illness and injury, emotional blockages including fear, guilt, and grief, and spiritual blockages that create feelings of isolation and separation.

With only 20-30 minutes needed for a session, energy balancing can be done on a regular basis to promote wellness and vitality, as well as assisting with injury or illness.


I attended a one-day workshop with Master Chunyi Lin, who introduced me to his beautiful healing art of Spring Forest Qigong™ (SFQ). It was the smile and warmth of Master Lin, along with the simplicity and power of his methods that drew me to eventually study, practice, and share this healing art with others. There are several studies on the effects of qigong on chronic pain and emotional discomfort. SFQ is growing in its use in North America. I continue to study with Master Lin and enjoy his meditations and techniques in my daily life.
Plant energy

Plant energy

 I am also in love with plants and often create seasonal inspirations: plant-infused body oils and balms. I make these available to anyone interested in pure, natural body care.

Along with nutrition, exercise, and meditation, the healing arts assist in boosting immune function and enhancing well-being, allowing the body to restore balance, naturally.