I have been invited to speak at women’s events and wellness programs on a variety of topics ranging from nutrition to the chakra system. If you would like me to speak or facilitate a workshop at your event, you are welcome to contact me.

I am fortunate to have contributed some of my musings to sites and publications in the following ways:

In a guest post on the website of my award-winning book coach, Lisa Tener – Finding Yoga in Writing and Writing in Yoga

In the online and print magazine of Guided Synergy – The Woman in the Red Blanket: Finding Life in Yoga and Yoga in Life

At Gaiam TV - Yoga, Creativity, and Finding the Edge (May 2013)

Creating Healthy Kids with Good Food Memories (July 2013)

Master Healthy Eating in 5 Simple Steps (July 2013)

To Lose Weight, Identify Your Witching Hour (July 2013)

There is No Next: Expanding My Practice  (Sept. 2013)

Elemental Health: The Art of Inner Alchemy (Sept. 2013)

5 Balms for Drama (Sept. 2013)

6 Ways to Maintain Health and Balance, and Flourish this Fall (October 2013)

Hot Yoga on a Cold Day (January 2014)

Yoga and Creativity: Revealing the Hidden Gems (April 2014)

Upside Down Insight (May 2014)

What Childbirth and Meditation Have in Common (May 2014)

On My Mat: A Poem (June 2014)

Cut the Comparison: How the Act of Comparison Effects our Self-Worth (Sept. 2014)

Push Away Nothing: The Art of Receptivity (Sept. 2014)

Not-So-Great Expectations: A Discourse on Accepting the Present Moment (Sept. 2014)

Falling In Love With Passion (Nov. 2014)

3 Don’ts & A Do For A Lighter, Happier You (Nov. 2014)

Everyday Ayurveda: 6 Ways To Stay Healthy This Winter (Dec. 2014)

5 Evening Rituals To Welcome Slumber (Dec. 2014)

Wisdom Of The Warrior: 40 Days In Humble Warrior (Feb. 2015)

Stand Up: How One Person Can Change The World With One Practice (Feb. 2015)

Making Peace With The Past: Finding Wholeness At A Traffic Light (March 2015)

Don’t Slay Your Dragons: Invite Them To Tea (June 2015)

Remembering It All Wrong (July 2015)

The Contribution Of Crisis: Emergence Through Emergency (Sept. 2015)

The Second Arrow: A Practice In Pain Management (Sept. 2015)

How About Now? What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do (Oct. 2015)

How To Win A Tug Of War (Oct. 2015)

I’ll Show You Your Demons, You Show Me Mine; Together We’ll Be Free (Oct. 2015)


At FinerMinds -

Present Moment Parenting: 3 Practices To Keep You And Your Kids In The Here And Now (Dec. 2014)


At Sivana Spirit -

2 Perfect All Natural Recipes For The Season (Nov. 2015)

Everyday Ayurveda: 11 Things You Need To Eat And 1 Essential Recipe (Nov. 2015)

Living Your Purpose: 3 Simple Steps For Living Your Passion In Everyday Life (Nov. 2015)

6 Ways To Build A Women’s Yoga Group (Nov. 2015)

A Cool Holiday: How To Take A Break From The Chaos And Just Breathe (Dec. 2015)

The Buddhist Practice Of Metta: Holiday Blessings For Friends, Family And Self (Dec. 2015)


As well, my herbal creations have been featured on several go-to sites for all-things herbal, including:

Frugally Sustainable

Herbs Info

Herbs & Oils World

I recently completed the first of my manuscripts, An Accidental Awakening: It’s Not About Yoga, It’s About Family, sharing the story of my year immersed in the chakra system, and am in the process of writing the second and third in the series. I also have several children’s books in the works. I am currently seeking representation for my work.

“When we look at the lives of great creative souls, we find that they feel themselves to be hooked up to, guided, incarnated, or allied by a power that is beyond or deep within themselves. This power is felt as an inner spirit, a vision, an inward voice,a restlessness, or even a motivation for a quest for the truth.” —Jean Houston


April 2014 interview on Soul Work with Jeni Cousins and Kim Buckler.