Strength, balance, flexibility, awareness

Strength, balance, flexibility, awareness

Years ago I suffered a back injury. By the time the back specialist reviewed my MRI results I had already been immersed in 7 months of yoga and complementary alternative medicine. He told me the client he had seen before me had the same size injury and shuffled around in chronic pain, unable to work. He said my MRI images did not match the range of motion and upbeat disposition of the person who stood in front of him, and asked me my secret.

The body is a roadmap and shows us where we need to strengthen, bend, release, and heal. Through movement we can not only strengthen our muscles, improve our cardiovascular system, and increase range of motion but we can tap into a significant and natural resource for moving emotions, stress and illness through our bodies.

During my own healing journey I navigated my body’s roadmap and found many avenues for recovering wellness. I learned how to use the chakra system to decode my body’s signals and understand how my thoughts and emotions affected my physical health.

Each day we take in a substantial amount of information: picking up on the emotions of those around us, the conditions of our environment, our constant flood of thoughts, and our own response to them. Our bodies allow us to move excess information every day, keeping fear from building up in our gut, grief from grasping our heart, doubt from pooling in our joints, and the weight of the world from resting on our spine.

This process is more effective when conscious awareness is brought to the activity. Incorporating breath with focus and movement allows us to shake off what we don’t need each day and integrate what serves us best. If every day we carry the burden of the day before, it is a matter of time before we crumble under that weight.

Holistic movement brings greater awareness of the motivation behind our movement, our desired outcome, and draws the whole person into the activity. We have been exercising within a model that expends much energy. It is time to employ a model that assists us in cultivating energy.

Incorporating elements of yoga, qigong, and breath work, combined with years of experience in strength and resistance training, I will assist you with deciphering your own body’s roadmap.

We will work towards strengthening the areas that require fortification and bringing flexibility into areas that require more movement, allowing you to tune in to your body’s messages and unique voice, and move excess information through each day – keeping you energized, balanced, and empowered to work with your body as a tool towards vibrant wellness.

Stop struggling against what you think your body should do and how to get it to do it, and start working with your body as a powerful and beautiful collaborator helping you to live the life you desire.


“You cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

~Albert Einstein