Organic lavender bud-infused coconut oil

I began infusing my herbs and plants in sweet almond oil, my preferred oil, as well as organic olive oil.  I asked my massage therapist his carrier oil of choice.  He replied fractionated coconut oil.  The slip proved ideal for massage and didn’t break down the massage sheets with the number of clients he saw in a day.  Bonus: the endless benefits of coconut oil on the skin!  So I decided to offer both.  Evidently ladybugs like the coconut oil :)

Fill a clean, dry glass jar 2/3 full of dried lavender buds.  Top with oil of choice, stir to remove any trapped air bubbles and fill the jar completely with oil.  Cap tightly and shake, turn, sing to or dance with your beautiful infusion daily for up to 30 days.  Alternatively, place your jar in a warm water bath and gently heat while stirring or lightly macerating the buds with a utensil or pestle for 20-40 minutes to provide same-day herbal oil.  

Strain the herbs and pour the oil into a clean, dry container.  Add a bit of vitamin E if you have it or rosemary oil or extract for a little preservative and a nice blend.  Keep in a cool, dry place.  Massage directly into skin, add a couple tbsp to a warm bath or add to melted beeswax for a soothing skin balm.  Ideal for mild sunburns, scrapes, scratches, inflamed or reactive skin, or for simply relaxing. 

The lavender buds that you strained:  add to your bath for a lovely home spa treatment.  Or to dead sea or himalayan salts for a body scrub.  Add a bit more oil as needed.  So many gift ideas from one simple infusion.  Ahhhhhhh, lavender.


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