Purify with Petitgrain: Plant Power for Pimples

Abundant oranges

The body uses the main channels – bladder, digestive, kidney, etc. –  as the preferred method of elimination of toxins and excess energy.

When the main channels are blocked, however, the body may eliminate toxins through the skin: what we know as pimples, rashes, or additional skin issues may ensue.

We can then interpret from the skin what is happening in the body. The best course of action is to clear blockages in the main channels by adjusting our diet and/or employing practices such as breath work, yoga, qigong, and meditation.

Salt baths can assist with skin issues, as well as calming herbs such as chamomile, lavender, and rose, and soothing balms of bees wax or coconut oil.

While you work to open the main channels, one particular plant essence can be a powerful ally in quickly clearing congested skin:

Petitgrain essential oil is the preferred plant remedy for pimples.

Petitgrain oil is distilled from the stems and leaves of the orange tree, as opposed to its other family members:

Sweet orange – from the rind of the ripe orange

Neroli – the seductive orange blossom

All share the same family tree, however, each has their own distinct personality.

Petitgrain is particularly known for its toning qualities. It is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to tone and purify the skin, helping to circulate chi or life force energy.

Apply the oil neat to acne, pimples, or blemishes. Or add to a carrier oil such as coconut or argan for a face serum.

Make your own Natural Face Cleanser with petitgrain.

As a bonus, petitgrain is also uplifting and calms the nervous system.

Petitgrain may not be as sweet as her cousin sweet orange, but I think clearing up the complexion is pretty sweet indeed.

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