Restore Balance this Summer, Naturally.

Restore balance naturally.

Restore balance naturally.

As we move from spring to summer, we shift from kapha season to pitta. You don’t need to be schooled in ayurveda to employ a few simple methods of keeping your cool this summer.

When I think pitta, I think hot. This applies to the season, the body and the mind. Frustration, agitation, anger, a sharp tongue, can all be signs of excess heat in the individual. Rising temperatures outdoors can exacerbate this inner fire.

As we approach the solstice, begin to incorporate some of these basics into your daily routine and keep a cool head and body this season.


Cooling foods:

Move towards fresh, crisp, cool veggies and fruit. Shop local and organic where you can.

Cucumbers, grapes, mangoes, melons, green leafy veggies, green beans and peas all make great summer snacks.

Cilantro, dill and fennel are excellent cooling herbs. Great for digestive upsets that may accompany excess pitta.

Try tzatziki for a cooling summer dip. Or experiment with a chilled asparagus and dill salad.

Coconut oil is a cooling and nourishing oil for summer. Use in recipes, elixirs, and on skin and hair.

Stay away from spicy foods and opt for natural cooling desserts like the mojito-sicle or dreamsicle, and fruit sorbets.

Hydrate. Find a natural spring near you or infuse your water with cucumber, lime, or cooling herbs like mint or fennel.



If you feel yourself getting hot under the sun, or hot under the collar, try sitali breath to release some heat.

Rise earlier – the sun does – and enjoy the cooler morning air. The perfect time to practice Spring Forest Qigong with your toes on the lawn or press hands and feet to the earth with slow sun salutations. Breathe deep and easy.

Or take a sunset walk, observe the closing of a day and the emergence of the stars as the night air cools your skin.



Keep a cool head and body by spending time each day in meditation. Meditation can be done walking, sitting or lying. Take an evening walk around a pond or along the beach. Slow the mind, body and breath. When too much heat makes you restless or agitated, sit comfortably and listen to a guided meditation or the sounds of nature. Slow down. Inhale. Exhale. Nowhere to go. Nothing to do. A space of stillness.



The cool green grass, a mountain stream, or overheated tootsies in the kiddie pool on the lawn – find a shady spot and enjoy the cooling sight of the leafy-greens all around you.
Find water – a spring, creek, pond, lake or ocean – or if water is not near, try forest bathing for a rejuvenating treat.
Get barefoot on the earth and hands in the soil as you grow your own leafy greens this summer. Too late to start? Find a local greenhouse and add some of their starter plants to your yard, whether in the ground or containers.
Enjoy fresh cucumbers and dill from your own yard. Kids love to watch for new strawberries to pluck and sweet peas to pick.


Remember, pitta is all about heat. Heat comes from a variety of sources including friction and frantic pace. Slow down, chill out, reduce sources of friction and douse any potential sparks with cool, refreshing foods, beverages, breath, and nature this summer.
Happy solstice!