Right now.


I met with a client and neighbour today, who’s also become a dear friend over the past year.  She is providing valuable feedback on my manuscript.  My two kids played with the two kids she cares for, while her youngest son napped and we discussed the book.

As I left her home, we chatted on the front step and I commented how great she looked lately, relaxed and happy.  She left her corporate gig not too long ago to stay at home with her kids, and took on the care of a couple additional kids from our neighbourhood as well.  I said how, with her youngest napping and her two older children at school, she could have used the time for herself.  Instead she cared for someone else’s kids, and looked radiant for it.

She replied, “It’s absolutely right for right now.”  Her comment triggered a raised eyebrow along with a smile, as I repeated it back to her, “It’s absolutely right for right now.”

“That’s brilliant”, I said, “Go write that down and tack it to your fridge”. Quickly followed by, “Can I use it?”  I know a nugget of wisdom when I hear one.

We often get caught up in long term plans, laying the right foundations, making the appropriate connections and taking the calculated steps to arrive at a desired outcome.  Unfortunately, even though a good plan is valuable, perpetual striving towards and living in the future often creates struggle in the present.  Even the small mind chatter throughout the day that pulls our attention away from the task at hand to contemplate future activities, or criticizes our choices, creates a state of discomfort.

As I walked down the street away from her home, I turned the statement into a question;
What is right for right now?

Not what will get me to my future place of happiness, what will propel me towards another goal, achievement or desire, not tonight, tomorrow or next week, but right now.

Take a deep breath, allow your shoulders to drop, relax, exhale and ask the question, “What is right for right now?”  Close your eyes and ask it again and let your attention rest on the word “now” as it resonates within you.  “What is right for right now?”

When I ask, I become filled with the present, the sounds of the fall leaves rustling in the wind outside my window, a sense of contentment settles into my body and mind, and a response to my question whispers up from within, this, this is right for right now, and I relax into the moment.

Set your goals, determine the appropriate steps, and then settle into the moments that fill those steps.  If you become unsure of a course of action, if you feel consumed with future details, goals or plans, if your mind is agitated, take a seat, feel your feet on the floor, unclench your jaw, ask yourself the question, and enjoy right now.  What emerges in the right now may surprise you.

Stephanie Hrehirchuk,
atONE Holistic Living

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