Spring Training: Lighten the Load

Spring is upon us

Spring is upon us

Spring is the season of renewal, rebirth, and resurrection. Put these energies to use as you flow with the rhythms of nature, from winter’s insulated slumber to spring’s fresh new start.

Identify areas of your life you wish to see refreshed, renewed, or resurrected.

Spring cleaning is the way to lighten the load of winter.

Clean your home: a closet a day, drawers, pantry, fridge. Refresh the wardrobe, moving winter garb to the back of the closet or even into storage, bringing lighter clothes front and centre.

Dust off the colourful spring shoes and place them near the door.

Time to dust off the resumé? Perhaps the work front needs a face-lift.


Lighten meals. Reduce the comfort foods and bring in leafy greens and fruits.

Add teas of dandelion root or milk thistle to support the liver during spring. Choose a good cleanse or detox program.

Welcome deep twists and forward bends into your yoga routine.

Breath of fire brings heat into the body, burning away the sluggishness of winter and the damp of spring. Use this breath before meals to stoke the digestive fire.

Walk. Outdoors. Find a clear path and get your daily dose of fresh air, sunshine and movement. The winter insulation will begin to shed as you walk daily and breathe deeply.

Anything that feels heavy in your life, give it a heave-ho. Get up earlier. The sun is. Use this time to walk or practice yoga or qigong, meditate or write. Or simply greet the day with a cup of tea.

Drop the desserts. Replace the cake and cookies with berries and mint.


Drink plenty of fresh water. Add ginger and enjoy throughout the day.

Projects that no longer interest you? Pack them away. Old ideas that could use a fresh perspective? Dust them off and give them a try. Recover old furniture and make it new. Reface old cabinets or picture frames. Repurpose old crates as garden planters, old bottles or glass jars as decorative outdoor lights, old doors as wall art.

Renew an old class or workshop with a new twist.

Make the old new again, and welcome the rebirth of spring.


Always consult a physician before starting a detox, nutrition, or exercise program.