Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

My 5 year-old daughter told me she doesn’t like her bad dreams. I asked her to tell me about them. Most appeared to centre around scenes from popular kids’ movies. We talked about dreams and busy little minds and I told her the story of lavender, how it once was placed in sachets and put under the pillow to give the sleeper sweet dreams.

I told her I just happened to have lavender buds and asked if she would like to make her own dream pouch. She loved the idea.

Dream pouch:

  • Choose a small, cotton pouch with a short draw string – safe for bedtime and secure enough to keep the contents concealed. If you are particularly crafty, you could sew small pouches, decorate them together, and tie them closed with a short string.
  • Pour lavender buds into a bowl, enough for 2 pouches (of course you are making one too).
  • Each of you fill your pouches with buds while sharing the stories of your best dreams. If you can’t remember them, make up some juicy ones: sliding down a chocolate waterfall and splashing into a pool of raspberry pudding, floating to shore on banana boats and drying off with giant peppermint towels. Let your child fill in the details of their favourite things.
  • When your pouches are filled with buds and pleasant dreams, tie them off tightly, cutting away any excess string, and place them into your pillow cases, under the pillow. Wish each other sweet dreams.

You’d be surprised how much your older children may also enjoy this simple craft, storytelling, and time spent with you, naturally.


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