Earl Grey Massage Balm



I love the smell of freshly steeped earl grey tea. How delicious a balm would that make?


I crafted a simple version:

1 cup refined coconut oil (solid at room temperature)

several tea bags of earl grey tea or 1/4 cup loose tea

*essential oil of bergamot

containers with lids

(refined coconut oil has the coconutty scent removed, allowing a cleaner earl grey scent. If you don’t have refined coconut oil you can use regular coconut oil… it will be exotic, like earl grey went to Tahiti!)


melt the oil in a double boiler set-up

add the tea bags or loose tea

stir and heat for 30 minutes or so (the oil should change colour and take on the aroma of the tea)


remove from heat and allow to cool

drain the loose tea using cheesecloth or a thin cloth

or squeeze the tea bags to remove excess oil


(Reserve the tea bags and tie the cloth ends together to create a tea pouch for the bath. Drop in your evening tub for a therapeutic soak).

Add essential oil of bergamot to the strained oil. 30-40 drops or to your liking. (Add the essential oil, then drip a drop of the mixture on your skin for an aroma test. If you’d like it stronger, add more essential oil).

Pour the blend into containers and allow to cool completely before capping.P1160250

Overnight the oil should return to solid form. You can speed this process along by using the fridge or placing them outdoors in cooler weather.

This is a simple, infused coconut oil massage balm. It will remain solid at 72 degrees and below. Above that temperature, it will begin to liquify. Popping it in the fridge will return it to its solid form.

Rub between the palms and massage where desired. A great bedtime massage oil.P1160253


Bergamot is known to be analgesic, antidepressant, antiseptic, and assists with seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

*Bergamot may cause a reaction known as photosensitivity in certain individuals. It is advisable not to expose areas of skin with bergamot oil to direct sunlight.


If you want to make a lip or body balm:

infuse your tea in sweet almond oil and after draining the tea, add beeswax to the heated oil and melt.

Use this recipe for vanilla bean-infused balm as a guide.


This creates a silky smooth balm that will keep its consistency in warm weather and makes a delicious lip balm.