Rise and Shine Smoothie

Rise and Shine Smoothie
Rise and Shine Smoothie

Rise and Shine Smoothie


A nutritious way to greet the day.


1 cup orange or mango juice

1 small handful of raspberries

1-2 tbsp sea buckthorn purée (I use solberry)*



Replace raspberries with 1/4 tsp vanilla powder and a little honey for a sweet twist.


*As well as being high in vitamin C, sea buckthorn contains vitamins E, A, B1, B2, B5, D, P, K, and a number of minerals, carotenoids, and phytosterols (known for their cholesterol-lowering properties).

Yummus: Super Simple Hummus

Yummus and gluten-free pita.
Yummus and gluten-free pita.

Yummus and gluten-free flatbread.

1 large can chick peas (796ml)

1/3 cup quality olive oil

juice of 1 lemon

2 small or 1 large clove of garlic

1 tbsp dried oregano

black pepper to taste

sea salt to taste

You need a good blender to mix this batch. It’s a hefty hummus. I use my hand blender. If too thick, add a touch of water to thin.

Of course you can add tahini to this recipe, or spice it up with cumin or a pinch of chili pepper or paprika.

Serve with raw veggies, corn or sweet potato chips, pita, or add to a wrap. Our hummus above is served with Udi’s Gluten-Free Pizza Crusts, brushed with extra virgin olive oil, sprinkled with sea salt and cumin and popped under the broiler for a minute or two.


Blueberry Rice Pudding

A bowl of nourishment
A bowl of nourishment

A bowl of nourishment

A delicious, nutritious option for breakfast, dessert, or bedtime snack.


When I make rice for dinner, I always make extra. Enough for a nice rice pudding the following day.

It’s a new creation each time.

Today we decided on a blueberry rice pudding for brunch.

You know me and measuring…we’re strangers. So play with the amounts to suit your own taste buds.


Leftover rice, enough for the number of mouths you’re feeding. I used about 3 cups in this batch.

Milk of choice to arrive at your desired consistency. I chose an almond-coconut milk.

1 tbsp quality coconut oil.

Organic blueberries. I had some frozen on hand.

Heat together until creamy.

Add a pinch of cinnamon or more.

A generous pinch of vanilla powder.

Hemp hearts.

Nuts of choice.

If you like a sweeter pudding, drizzle with pure maple syrup or honey. Or add more fruit, raisins, or dates.


Other variations:

Chai spice rice pudding with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, clove, nutmeg, nuts, raisins and honey.

Apple pie rice pudding sweetened with applesauce and topped with apple chunks, cinnamon and maple syrup.

Cranberry-orange rice pudding with fresh or frozen cranberries, grated orange zest, mandarin chunks, cinnamon and honey.

Get creative! Have fun with your food and nourish yourself and your family.


Sweet Berry Breakfast Beverage

A perfect pairing


A perfect pairing

A perfect pairing

Sweet nectar of the goddesses

Sweet nectar of the goddesses

This blend is a huge hit with the kids. Light, fruity, sweet, and summery.

Organic blueberries

Organic strawberries

2 tsp bee pollen

1 bottle alo pomegranate + cranberry aloe vera juice (or juice of choice with or without the addition of aloe vera juice)

Blend until smooth and enjoy.

We savoured ours with homemade raw chocolate.

The perfect summer breakfast and a treat anytime of day.


Pair with raw chocolate by melting over low heat or in double boiler:

Raw cacao paste

cacao butter

coconut oil

crunchy peanut or almond butter

remove from heat and add cacao powder, chaga powder, vanilla bean powder, lacuma, honey, raisins, goji berries, cashews, or whatever else seems a tastey addition to your chocolate.

Pop into the fridge for a quick set or allow to sit at a cool temperature until hardened enough to break into pieces and enjoy!


A Slice of Guilt with a Side of Shame.

The secret ingredient to good food.
The secret ingredient to good food.

The secret ingredient to good food.

It can seem hard enough to put a decent meal on the table for your family, concerned about whether they are getting enough nutrients and keeping processed, chemical-laden foods to a minimum. You read labels, you buy local or organic, you keep up on the latest information on diet and nutrition. Have you considered what your family ingests along with their well-prepared meals? Something that is entirely within your household’s control.

Have you considered the emotions they consume at mealtime?

The day can get away on us, leaving us feeling stressed, over-worked and resentful as we feel pressured to prepare a nutritious meal on top of it all. The atmosphere in the kitchen becomes less than appetizing. Work problems may follow us home, to be hashed out over chopping the dinner veggies. Frustration and exhaustion spice the meat while guilt of not spending quality time with the kids- let alone taking time for ourselves -seasons the rice.

How about the atmosphere around the table? Does your family joke, share interesting stories from their day and make eye contact with one-another, connecting over a good meal? Or do your kids get a heapin’ helping of disappointment over their performance at school, mixed with a serving of agitation because their singing at the table is making your over-stressed head hurt?

Carve out a time for serious family discussions outside of meals. Don’t make your family choke them down with dessert.

Do you even eat at the table, or does everyone gravitate to their respective places in the house and electronic distractions?

Healthy eating isn’t only about the food choices we make, but about the tone we set around mealtime. If you seem to have more calories on your plate than you’d like, here are a few ways to create a healthier meal:

  • Leave your work at the office and traffic on the road. Take a few minutes to leave your day before entering the house. Take a quick walk around the block, a few deep, cleansing breaths in the front yard or even in the car. Consider biking, walking, taking the train, or alternate modes of transportation that allow you to relax, read a book, or enjoy nature between work and home.
  • Grab a shower or bath. If you struggle to shake off your day before dinner time, enjoy a little hydrotherapy. Take a quick shower with a few drops of invigorating mint or eucalyptus oils or a restorative bath with citrus or vanilla. Toss the kids in too if they need a boost. 10 minutes is all you need.
  • Treat your kitchen like a spa, and food- the therapies. Breathe, relax, light a candle, put on great music, sing, or dance. Enjoy preparing food and lead by example. You’ll be having such a good time, the rest of the family will want to join in. Put love into the food and gratitude for good meals and great family.
  • Keep the tone light. If light-hearted conversation doesn’t come easy at dinner, initiate a discussion about the up-coming family holiday and what everyone is excited to do, or ask how everyone is and how you can help them. Don’t feel pressured to talk about anything at all, enjoy the meal in contented silence or listening to your 5-year-old explain the nuances of his latest Lego creation. Simply savour good food and a break in your day to connect as a family.
  • Don’t rush the meal. Remember, this is your time at the spa. Nourish yourself and your family: body, mind and spirit.

One of the best things I do in my day is bring both kids home from school for lunch. I am fortunate to be able to do it and we all enjoy it. They like a hot meal on often-cold days and I get my head out of work and connect with them and their worlds through good food. As I drop the kids at school in the morning my son will often ask, “Mom, what’s on the menu for lunch today?” He looks forward to our midday mealtime together.

Strive for quality, fresh, nutritious food but don’t stress about what you have planned for dinner.¬†Sometimes it’s less important what you serve than how you serve it. The most beautiful, nutritious meal can leave a sour taste in my mouth and a brick in my gut if I have to eat it with a side of someone’s hostility. While laughing and sharing great conversation and funny stories with family can find me content eating a hot dog (and a nice green salad on the side, of course!)

Set your intention for an easy, happy, healthy meal as you set your table for your family.




Seeking Approval

Emerging Whole
Emerging Whole

Finding love because of who you are.

A client spoke about her friends and family and wanting to please them. I have known this client for many years and consider her a dear friend with a generous heart. I told her, “You love your friends because of who you are, not because of who they are. So why is it you expect your friends to love you because of who you are, not who they are?”

It’s a bit of a deep pool, but if we dive into that thought and swim around in it awhile, it begins to feel comfortable. I think sometimes we are caught up in our own thoughts and judgements and don’t give others the benefit of the doubt.

Maybe if I can’t make it to an event with a friend and cancel days before, they will react poorly. That is their reaction, their choice, their process. We all have our stuff, our garbage that needs to be cleared out, and we each choose when and how we deal with that garbage.

We each choose when we are ready to care for our friends and family because of who we are. And that’s one of the most powerful choices we can make. Another is allowing people to care for us because of who they are, not what we do for them.

We can no longer take anything personally. We must nourish ourselves and, from a place of wholeness, nourish those around us. If someone isn’t ready to care for another because that other doesn’t do what they want, that someone is not ready to nourish themselves, to relate to others from a healthy and whole place.

We all need help in life, and it’s important to both ask for and receive that help, but if we are making unnecessary demands on others, it is time to find happiness in ourselves rather than expecting others to provide it.

Setting compassionate and honest boundaries shows your friends you indeed love them because of who you are and you honour their ability to do the same.

Whole, healthy relationships happen because ultimately we seek nothing from the other yet find everything together.