5 Ways to Overcome Writing Resistance

Reducing Resistance
Reducing Resistance

Writing Resistance

You set aside a 2 hour window for writing. You settle in at your desk and start to feel it – resistance coming on strong. You try to push through, the inner critic comes in loud and clear and you feel like you’re trudging through mud with every word you type. Nothing is flowing except tears of frustration. You can continue treading sludge for a good portion of your designated writing time or you can try one of the following:

1. Dance -turn up your favourite music and bust a move. Keep dancing until you feel yourself getting into the groove, a smile on your face, and your breath picking up pace. Give yourself time to get into the rhythm.

2. Shake -a yogic practice, shaking is used to release anxiety, a busy mind, nervousness, agitation and other stored emotions. It resets the nervous system and allows you to shake off resistance. With your hands overhead, shake your wrists as if you’re trying to shake the rings right off your fingers (careful, it happens). Shake them vigorously and quickly, keeping them above your head. Keep shaking, and shaking, and shaking! You can bring the rest of your body into it by allowing the shoulders, spine and hips to move as they need. Don’t quit. Keep shaking, there’s more stored up. When the shaking gets tough, start yelling. Let sounds escape, even if you’re cursing the shaking. Deepen the breath and keep shaking. Push yourself through and all resistance out. When you can’t shake any longer, let the hands swing down along the body and take a couple deep cleansing breaths.

3. Sing -don’t be shy, belt out your favourite song. Chant, try on your best opera, or sing along with the radio. Vibrate your voice and let your voice vibrate your heart, your head, and your body. Feel your mood lift and your throat open. When your concert is complete, take a bow and a couple deep, long breaths.

4. Salute the Sun -yoga sun salutations provide a simple practice to get the creative juices flowing and connect the body to the breath and the mind, synchronized for your writing session. Choose 10 sun salutations or 20, allowing yourself to be fully present with each breath and every movement – slow, deliberate, and delicious.

5. Take a Hike -walk around the block or down the path. Take 20 minutes in nature and breathe deep as you feel your feet on the earth. Observe the sights and sounds around you as you fill your body with fresh air. A few deep breaths and a quick stretch work out any last kinks and critics and allow you to get to work.

Better to borrow 20 minutes and cruise through the remainder of your allotted time, creativity flowing, than to struggle through the entire session.

Jump the jitters out, shake off the sludge, raise your energy, and sail into the flow.

One word of warning: don’t get carried away with the music. When the muse comes to play, sit down and write, and write, and write…


5 Ways to Create Sacred Writing Space

Setting Sacred Space
Setting Sacred Space

Setting Sacred Space

Although it’s not always easy to love revisions or edits, you can love your writing space. By creating a personal, inviting environment, you can happily belly-up to your desk each day. Here are 5 simple ways you can create your own sacred writing space.

1. Light a candle – choose an inspiring scent, design, colour or shape. Light it at the beginning of your session and blow it out afterwards to signify you are complete with the conclusion of that session -happy to leave it behind and continue your day -returning to your project at its designated time the following day.

2. Set the mood with music – choose tunes that are motivating, if that’s what you need, or relaxing to calm any anxiety. Ensure the music doesn’t interfere with the writing by being too loud or distracting. If you’d rather write to the sounds of nature, open a window to hear the birds and enjoy the breeze, or put on a recording of the ocean or a tropical jungle.

3. Create an altar – allow your creative juices to flow as you carve out a small space in honour of your writing, your project, and yourself for showing up to commit and complete the process. You can start with a corner of your desk, a place on the floor or window sill or a dedicated table. Choose a scarf or table cover that inspires you and then add items like rocks, plants, gems, your grandmother’s brooch or grandfather’s cufflinks, a book by your favourite author, perhaps a special pen or feathers. Personalize it, it can be as simple or ornate as you like. Choosing a beautiful small bowl or wooden box and simply writing the name of your project on paper and placing it inside, makes a powerful tribute to your commitment.

4. Scent the air – aromatherapy can help you relax if you are tense while writing or stimulate and invigorate you if motivation is what you desire. Choose essential oils of lavender or rose to relax, or mint or lemongrass to invigorate. Mist your space with a room spray, diffuse the oils into the air, or roll on aromatherapy on your wrists or neck for bursts of scent. If you become frustrated, your body temperature will rise and release more of the scent you need. If you want to tap into cosmic creativity, choose mugwort for mystic musings.

5. Put the kettle on-  to relax, try chamomile or tulsi tea. To invigorate enjoy mint or citrus teas. Choose your favourite, or try a glass of water with fresh lemon or flower essences. Keep the kettle in the kitchen as the walk to refill allows a pause in the writing, a movement break and a renewed burst of creative flow.

Create a space that inspires creativity, facilitates focus, encourages productivity and welcomes you every day.