Tales of Transformation

Tales of Transformation


“How WONDERFULLY freeing and lifting that session was with you; how your voice transforms the whole room into a lovely, warm, safe place to just get inside one’s self and breathe finally; just breathe and release.”

D.B., Calgary


If you want a life-changing or a life-enriching experience, I highly recommend meeting with Stephanie. I started seeing Stephanie as a yoga/fitness client when I “just wasn’t feeling energetic and had lost that ‘zest for life’ that I fondly remembered” — of course what I said to Stephanie was that “I want to lose 15 pounds!!”

After a few months of seeing Stephanie once a week for the fitness/yoga instruction, she began to dig-in more deeply about why I may have issues with emotional eating. Going deeper included exposing me to brand new realms of spirituality that I had never (ever!) considered before. Two-and-a-half years later, I now comprehend the control that I have in my life and the areas where I don’t need control. I acknowledge the tailored benefits of the right aromatherapy, crystals, meditation, yoga, and the gifts that nature has to offer me. I thank Stephanie for introducing me to an entirely new level of awareness and contentment.

Life is so busy. We can’t change the busy-ness of it. You can only change your perceptions and understanding about your self and your environment. You can learn fascinating ancient techniques to bring you calm and make you feel centered. You can learn to slow down and be part of another ‘movement’  – not the busy movement, but a conscious and connected movement that brings deep health and emotional benefits. I’d give Stephanie a 5/5 ***** Star Rating ;)

K.D., Calgary


I have known Stephanie for several years and have greatly enjoyed the variety, insight and gentleness that she brings to every session, meditation and gathering. She has an amazing talent for really taking an unclear picture of your life and bringing clarity to it. I appreciate her guidance which she so openly shares in a way that feels very nourishing. Stephanie really has a way of tailoring guidance to specifically address personal needs. What makes her stand out for me is how she is able to provide new approaches and insights that I may not have even considered before. Being able to move forward with realistic and doable life changes is truly a gift. Working with Stephanie is a great pleasure and I highly recommend her to anyone; whether you are looking for that “something more” in your life or wanting to explore aspects in life that need some extra attention, Stephanie can guide you in many ways.

To share a specific experience I signed up for Stephanie’s New Year’s “Renew, Restore and Reveal” one day Retreat. When I arrived I wasn’t sure I would be able to stay the whole time since I was recovering from Influenza and was not feeling well. We worked through a lovely meditation, followed by restorative yoga. We were all surprised by how long we had spent doing poses because if felt so quick. We spent time in what I would call organic movement to beautiful music. We had a lovely lunch and ended our time with a long writing exercise. It was a unique way to write and look at our life. We came out with mantras and vision statements to start our year. What started out as a day I wasn’t sure I could enjoy fully became a day that mentally, physically and spiritually lifted me up!

T. Olson

“There is not one life that doesn’t add tremendous value to the whole. Somewhere inside of us we know this to be true; we hear the call to head in the direction of this bigger life.”~Debbie Ford