The 12 Days of Detox: Body, Mind and Spirit. Day 1

December is a magical month. An ideal one to detoxify the body and clear out residue accumulated over the past year.
Ayurveda refers to this residue as ama: a buildup of waste in the body, products not used up or transformed from their old state to a new one via digestion or metabolism. Accumulation of ama blocks the flow of energy within the body and is viewed as the root cause of all disease.
As body, mind and spirit all connect, cleaning out the body of last year’s consumption also assists with cleaning out the mind of last year’s habits, thoughts and ideas. Clearing out any emotional residue, struggle, pain and fear, assists the body in lightening its load. How about your environment, the spaces you occupy; your home, office and relationships? What waste has accumulated in those areas?
This is the perfect time to detoxify yourself- body, mind and spirit- and your life, from any residue lingering from the past year and beyond.
Purge what’s stuck. Remove the residue and gently dislodge the ama wholly and naturally. Make room. A clean slate for the new year. A fresh pallette on which to paint your year ahead.
The 12 days of detox guides you effortlessly through a purification process, gradually building each day. Simply complete day 1 and then add to that practice the subsequent days’ detoxing tips. One at a time, step by step, day by day, you will ease into a detox program that both nurtures and nourishes you. One you can choose to continue beyond the days of Christmas and into the new year. Say a fond farewell to all you’ve been up until now, and a sing-songy helllloooooooooo to new possibilities and the limitless potential of a brand new year, yours to create as you wish.

On the first day of detox, atONE gave to me…
the most vibrant vision of me.

It’s important to know where you are heading before you can get there. ┬áMeeting yourself face-to-face is an excellent and accessible method of detoxification.

With eyes closed, relax your shoulders and unclench your jaw, feel your feet on the floor or your bum if you’re sitting, and notice your breath. See yourself before you, your best self: vital, vibrant and energized. See clearly your glowing skin, clear, bright eyes, flexible, strong body and healthy interior. See your organs functioning at optimal levels, your body moving with ease and grace, exuding radiant well-being. Envision the most stunning, healthy you right before you, smiling and peaceful. Sit as long as you like with this vibrant version of you and when you are done communing, inhale deeply, drawing your complete vibrant self into your physical body. Feel that radiant version fill you from the inside out, expanding into your own body as you merge and every cell is infused with your best self.

Open your eyes. Breathe deeply into the new you and exhale a long audible sigh of gratitude for your vibrant self. Revisit the visualization as often as you like, at least once per day, perhaps when you wake and before you go to sleep.

Bonus detox tip: clean out one item per day of the 12 day detox. In your home, office or car. One simple item; a drawer, closet, cupboard, filing tray, pantry shelf, the clogged sink, kids’ toy chest, fridge shelf. Keep a donation box or bag handy for any items ready to go to someone else and return any borrowed items you find to their rightful owners.

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