Tools of the East reverse the stresses of the West. Study shows Kirtan Kriya decreases inflammation in the body.

A new study from the University of California, Los Angeles, links yoga to inflammation reduction in people living in a stressful situation.

The UCLA study, published in Psychoneuroendocrinology, found positive results in reducing inflammation among family caregivers of people with dementia, using only twelve minutes of yoga practiced daily for eight weeks.

The study consisted of forty-five participants separated into two groups.  One group listened to relaxing music for twelve minutes per day over the course of eight weeks while the other group performed twelve minutes of daily yoga, specifically Kirtan Kriya, a Kundalini yoga practice.

The results showed those involved in the yoga practice had a change in response of sixty-eight genes, leading to a reversal of inflammation in those dealing with significant stress in life.

Kundalini is a form of yoga which incorporates chanting with movement or hand postures, known as mudras, to form a kriya ( an action which achieves a specific result).

Yogi Bhajan has mentioned Kirtan Kriya as one of the most important kriyas.  That if all other kriyas were lost, this one would get us through these challenging times.

Kirtan kriya is a simple practice that is focusing, calming and, according to research, anti-inflammatory.

To learn Kirtan Kriya, click and follow the instructions set out by the Kundalini Research Institute.

Those who regularly practice this kriya have already felt the many benefits.  For those yet to venture into the world of Kundalini or meditation, this study may provide a little motivation.

Twelve minutes each day.  Seems a small investment for restoring balance, naturally.

Rambir Kaur
atONE Holistic Living

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