Top 5 Beauty Medicines

Beauty medicine

Beauty medicine

5 of my personal favourite therapies:

1. OJAS Multani Mitti soap.

The scent just. makes. me. happy.

And the bar is beautiful in the shower or bath.


2. Gingerlily Poetic Pits by Livinglibations

Intoxicating essential oil blend when applied to my pits makes me welcome sweating so I can enjoy the exotic aroma.

I also apply this deodorant to my pulse points as perfume.


3. Shirodhara massage

This ayurvedic treatment is heaven for the head.

Feel all tension melt from the face and mind as warm oils condition hair and promote radiant well-being.


4. Fragonia essential oil

I fell in love with this plant oil at first smell.

Powerful heart medicine, this Ganesha of essential oils helps women remove obstacles and restore harmony.


5. The Mystic Masala Tridoshic Candle

Looks as beautiful as it smells.

This natural candle carries me through inspired writing sessions and heart-opening yoga practices.


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