Flourish in Fall


Thriving through life's transitions.

Thriving through life’s transitions.

The transition from season to season can cause imbalances in our physical bodies, health, mood, and energy levels. In fall, we can often feel swept up in change. Cold & flu can increase at this time, as well as dry skin, monkey mind and scattered energy. Learn how to balance Vata dosha (the dosha of fall). When Vata is balanced, the other doshas tend to follow suit. Feel calm, nourished, and flourish this fall.
In this 4 hour workshop/retreat, learn how to transition easily, and assist your family to do the same. Simple practices including yoga, qigong, teas, food, body care, and meditation restore balance naturally and ease our transition into the coming season.We will walk through a variety of practices you can carry with you into fall and use with family and friends to assist them in the transition as well.
Date: Sunday September 22
Time: 12:30-4:30pm
Location: atONE studio, NW Calgary
Fee: $77 per person
Tea and snack included
Email info@iamatone.com to reserve your spot or for more information.