Fall Nourishment: Boost Your Meals and Your Health


Powerful mushrooms

Powerful mushrooms

Boost both flavour and your immune system by adding simple decoctions to your meals. Here are two ways to incorporate them into your diet: 0ne savoury and one sweet. Do with them what you will.

Fill a pot with water and add medicinal mushrooms such as reishi, chaga, and turkey tail (available at your health food store).

Boosted rice and chicken soup.

Boosted wild rice and chicken soup with garden rosemary.

1-2 tsp of herbs per cup of water is a good rule of thumb when decocting.

Gently heat for several hours or simmer 30-40 minutes.

Remove any solid material from the liquid.

Add wild rice, lentils or dried beans and let soak overnight or cook according to the directions.

Add your boosted ingredients to soups, stirfrys, stews or other dishes.

Chai-spiced rice pudding

Chai-spiced rice pudding 

Decoct chai tea in a pot and use the liquid to cook rice for a chai-spiced rice pudding.

Add raisins, nuts, honey, and coconut milk to your cooked rice for a comforting breakfast or bed time snack.

Make an herbal chai tea for a caffeine-free base for kids.

Of course you can always take a cup of your decoctions in a mug with honey for afternoon tea.

Keep any additional liquid in the fridge for use the following day.

Bon santé!