What is Real Beauty?


Real Beauty

Real Beauty

If you gave me one hour each morning and said I had to pick how to spend that hour -doing my hair, makeup and coordinating an outfit, or doing yoga and meditating- hands-down I’d pick yoga and meditation every time. Or sitting on my front step watching the sunrise, enjoying qigong on the lawn, dancing to great music…

It’s not that I don’t enjoy spending time on my hair or putting together a nice outfit and they do make me feel better about myself – as long as I am wearing them. In fact, it took me a couple years to let go of the need to be put-together before leaving the house, or dropping the kids at school without makeup and not hiding my face under the collar of my jacket, wanting to shrink into the background.

When momhood kicked in, I had to make choices about my time and I could either look great on the outside and feel crabby on the inside or spend my time on activities that allowed me to feel great about myself, which meant letting my hair dry in the sun or being satisfied with a simple coat of chai balm on my lips.

Now that my kids are a little older, I have time for both yoga and styling my hair, although you’ll still find me on my mat rather than in front of my mirror.

The difference is, regular yoga and meditation helps me feel better about myself regardless of what I’m wearing or doing. Time in nature recharges me and shows me how much beauty exists around me every day.

A post is floating around social media with a powerful message. It is an advertisement for Dove and shows a forensic artist sketching women based on their own description of themselves, then sketching them based on the details provided by others who just met them.

The Dove Real Beauty Sketches reveals a theme that – judging by the number of women I’ve seen repost the video – we are ready to change.

We are the hardest on ourselves and if we cannot recognize the inherent beauty in ourselves, how can we see it in the world around us and how can we help others to see it?

Anyone who has enjoyed a make-over knows how good it feels to see yourself at your most beautiful. It’s time for an inner make-over. One that allows us to know how beautiful we are and see that same beauty in everyone else. It’s time to choose what makes us feel good, what truly nourishes us: body, mind, and soul.

Each day when I wake I ask the question, What nourishes me today?

What nourishes you today?

Do that.


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